Cadmium Red

11 years ago

Cadmium Red
Cadmium Red

Is there anything worse than that feeling of utter urgency to empty your bladder but not being able to? The pressure maddeningly unable to be released, leaving you with cold sweat trickling down your forehead. You feel like a geyser about to blow you top, ready to release a torrent of urine from your bladder but all you can manage is squirt, dribble, squirt.

An enlarged prostate is a man’s worst nightmare. That constant sense of urgency disrupts every aspect of your life. You can’t sleep the whole night through. You’re tired, you’re cranky… if only you could get some damn relief!

And to top it all off you’re having trouble getting an erection and you can’t satisfy your partner. You feel like you’re losing what it takes to be a man.

Well I have some good news for you. You’re not alone and there is something that can be done about it. A natural, safe and effective treatment that releases the pressure valve and brings some joy back into your life. But before I get to that let me explain a little about what is going on inside your body and prostate.

As you age your male hormone, testosterone, starts to fall but at the same time your feminizing hormone levels start to rise. Don’t be alarmed I’m not talking about levels that will turn you into a woman. But what happens is that the increase in these feminizing hormones causes the prostate to take up extra testosterone, but at the same time slows its removal. Concentrating it in the prostate!

Inside the prostate the testosterone is converted into a potent growth stimulator called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This causes increased synthesis of proteins making the prostate enlarge. But further compounding the problem is the fact that the higher levels of feminizing hormones inhibit the breakdown of DHT, activating non-cancerous prostate cell growth.

Then to add insult to injury beer has been shown to one of the factors that cause prostate enlargement. Other factors that have been linked to initiating benign prostate growth are cadmium from cigarette smoke and air pollution and pesticides.

Natural treatments for enlarged prostate focus on inhibiting the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT and detoxifying the body of cadmium and pollutants. This is achieved using both nutrients and herbs.

Minerals, especially zinc, are able to remove cadmium from the body as well as slowing down the production of DHT. And herbs like Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, Pumpkin Seeds and Nettle Root reduce the activity of the enzyme that forms DHT and the production of feminizing hormones.

But to really knock the problem on the head you need to tackle it from multiple angles. First use herbs, vitamins and minerals to turn the DHT production dial down a couple of notches by limiting the activity of the enzyme that produces it.

Second you need to detoxify the body of cadmium and environmental toxins. Zinc and selenium accelerate the breakdown and removal of DHT from the prostate cells.

And last you need to slash the production of feminizing hormones, short circuiting the prostate growth switch with herbs like Red Clover or Soy Isoflavones.

So for effective long term relief you need to hit the problem from different angles, the symptoms, and the underlying cause. When you do this you flip the pressure release valve to allow urine to flow easily and freely like water out of the hose. You’ll be able to make sweet love to your partner and play a full round of golf uninterrupted.

Hayden Keys is the founder of

Please help to choose Acrylic painting colors.?

My english isn’t that good but I’ll try.
I wanna buy some acrylic paintings but I don’t know what color should I bought.

I’m thinking Liquitex.
I don’t wanna buy a set because I looked up the colors what they really look like and I don’t think that’s what I want.

I’m thinking
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Cadmium Red Medium
Phthalo Blue (Green Shade)
Mars Black
Titanium White
Unbleached Titanium

I read a book that I should get a Raw Umber but I’m not sure..
What should I do.

I would add Burnt Sienna to my list, Raw Umber is good.You are also in need of a true Blue and yes, Liquitex is an excellent brand. My Mother was an Art Professor at Vassar.
So we learned all this stuff growing up.

Ghost Ghost – “Cadmium Red” (video)

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