Cadmium Yellow

10 years ago

Cadmium Yellow
Cadmium Yellow

Products for oil painting? Oil only…?

I have painting experience, but am *relatively* new to oils.
What kind of canvas should I use; value, professional or museum grade?

Best brand for each product?

Should I get streched canvas? Should I get it in a roll or already mounted? Linen or cotton canvas? Preprimed? If primed, should it be triple primed? If I want to paint on paper, what kind?

Bristle brushes, sable brushes, other natural hair, synthetic/blended, or a brush set?

Best brands for paint in primary colors and small tubes, and what are the names of those colors? Ex: yellow, yellow hue, cobalt yellow oil, yellow oil, cadmium orange oil, or cadmiun orange hue oil? What is the name is I just want the basic primaries?

Best medium to use? Cold pressed linseed oil? Should they be watersoluble?
Anything else?


Since you are just starting out, you might as well start with the student grades of everything. You don’t want to watse money while you figure sh*t out. A medium duck canvas, if your going to stretch your own, will work just fine. If you don’t make your own strecthers, you may want to buy a pre-strecthed, pre-primed canvas. Linen is a little harder to work with, but more traditional. It is more expensive than canvas, and you need to buy the good stuff when you buy linen, becuase otherwise it will be a little bumpy.
If you paint with oil on paper, you need to prime it with gesso. Otherwise, the oil in the paint will soak through and eventually rot the paper.
Since you are starting out I would recommend a simple hogs hair bristle brush set. Natural hair is the best, but many synthetics work well, and are cheaper.
Store brands, or student grades of paint are also fine for just starting. Here are the colors you want to get the most complete basic set:
Alizarine crimson
Cadmium red medium
Cad yellow light
Cad yellow medium
Veridian Green
Ultramarine blue
Cerulean blue
Zinc white (best for painting people)
Titanium white (has a tendency to turn chalky, but good for still live and whever you want a really crisp white)
You can buy already made mediums. However, it is best to make and mix your own, but I don’t think you are ready for that yet. They really shouldnt be watersoluable. Buy yourself some brush cleaner and murphys oil soap.
Let me know if you need more help!:)

Cadmium Yellow R6 – 2008

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