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Calligraphy Set
Calligraphy Set

A wedding is a beautiful occasion to mark the union of two souls in love in the presence of beloved family and friends. As such, the wedding invitation wording speaks louder than one can imagine as a faltering step can lead to a disastrous outcome. Before embarking on what the printed words are to be, it’s advisable to make a few decisions before sending anything to the printers. If the wedding is leaning towards a more conventional ceremony, hence a more formal tone is appropriate to set the correct expectations.

Otherwise, it can be worded in a relaxed manner if the bridal couple is planning a more informal or whimsical service. Upon reaching whichever decision, this certainly helps whoever’s working on the wordings to come up with appropriate options. Avoid abbreviations as wedding invitations are not sent out via instant or text messaging services. More, in this case, is the advisable method as clear spelling of names and other pieces of information can set a certain level of expectation and excitement.

On the rare occasion whereby the bridal couple is able to foot all expenses for the wedding, there normally is some financial assistance from more than willing parents. Depending on who’s paying or sponsoring for what, the wordings have to reflect accordingly so as to allow acknowledgment. Even if there is no sponsorship from the parents, it is still befitting to include their names in the invitation as love is supposed to surpass money.

Short and simple is the recommended way to go for the wedding invitation wording. When people receive an invitation, their eyes normally zoom to the main section on who’s inviting them. Their eyes then follow the details to date, time and venue. This instantly allows them to decide on how to RSVP. Hence, it’s important to ensure all important information is clearly printed with minimal ambiguity. Select suitable fonts for easy reading, not curlicues which require calligraphy experts to decipher. Further information such as directions and map to venue can be printed on the opposite side of the card in suitable size and color schemes. Alternatively, direct them to per-defined websites.

As it’s advisable for the bridal couple to delegate most of the planning work to either trusted family, friends or professional wedding planners, ensure all involved are aware of relevant details. There is nothing more disastrous than having inaccurate information disseminated among the wedding party and ending up printed on the invitations. A minor oversight such as date, time and venue or misspelling of names can lead to unnecessary levels of stress. Ultimately, get the couple’s green light before signing off anything for printing.

When planning the wedding, it’s necessary to design the wedding invitation wording. Absolutely, the wedding invitation wording speaks louder than one can imagine as a faltering step can lead to a disastrous outcome.

What is the purpose of the small porcelain bowl in a Chinese calligraphy set?

Hey, i recently ordered a calligraphy set and I know what all of the parts are for except for the small porcelain (mixing?) bowl. I mean if you only have one type of ink what do you need to mix? Please help, I really want to be able to use my kit to the fullest of its abilities but I have no clue what that small little white bowl is for . . . 😛

It IS for mixing inks, such as if you want to apply a thin wash of ink instead of a solid black stroke.

Also, some calligraphy inks are sold in solid, block form that need to be mixed with water.

My Calligraphy Set

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