Candle Mat

11 years ago

Candle Mat
Candle Mat

What would a good MESSAGE/THEME be for my shortstory?

I’m writing a shortstory about how I once really liked lighting candles and playing with lighters until one day I almost set my house on fire and obviously I haven’t ever played with candles/lighters again.

What’s the point of me writing this? I guess I would be that playing with fire, although tempting and fun, is not a game and can be very dangerous?

ALSO: I need a ‘trigger’ – something at the beginning that reminds me of this experiance. I am thinking of smelling smoke/candles…I did leave a burn mark on the tile floor where the fire started but my mum’s since put a mat over it, so I could say that when I removed the mat I saw the burn mark and that reminded me of the experiance?

Cautionary tale..

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