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Candle Scent
Candle Scent

The Scent-Sations, Inc company was formed in 2002 when long time network marketers Bob Scocozzo and Charles Umphred and custom candle makers Carmen and Lynn Milazzo met at a fundraiser. Because of this chance meeting, the company was born and the candle brand Mia Bella was named after Mr Scocozzo’s daughter. Even though the meeting was by chance, Scocozzo and Umphred having worked as network marketing partners since 1988, quickly realized that these popular custom candles presented the perfect opportunity to breath life into their dream of creating a company that would allow its distributors the ability to make a really good living just selling the product. So that, even if they do not sponsor a lot of partners they can still be successful. Of course the network marketing opportunity allows for even more earnings by inviting people to join you in your business.

Although Scent-Sations gained its popularity with the Mia Bella Soy Candles, the company offers an array of of other quality products. Their product line includes the following:

  • Bath & Body
  • Candles
  • Mia Bella Beauty
  • Car Air Fresheners

The thing that makes these products popular are the unique fragrances offered in their product line. For instance the Sweet Orange Chili Pepper car fresheners, the Slate & Stone man’s cologne, and the Iced Mint candle. These are examples of the unique products that have allowed this company to have continued success.

The Sent-Sations company offer several different ways to earn money in addition to the traditional network marketing techniques. Since the Milazzo’s built their business on fundraisers before they partnered with Scocozzo and Umphred, they were able incorporated the fund raising component this company, as well. This is a market that most network marketing companies have not been able to tap into.In addition, distributors are able to sell wholesale as well as retail.

The company also offers a very reasonable autoship at only $39.95. Distributors can choose from several different start-up packages ranging from $399 Business Start-up to $49.95 Starter Pack. Distributors earn a percentage of commissions based on the level that they are on. The distributor level also determines the the maximum amount you can earn on each leg of your organization. In addition, the higher your level, the more bonuses you receive.

This company has many ways for you to earn an excellent income and quality, sought after products, and a fund raising component, making it an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to be successful in this business.

However, as with any network marketing business, your success will depend on your ability to attract leads or potential customers and business partners. In order to do this you will need to connect to a system that provides marketing training, and all the tools that you will need to market your business.

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Janiece Thompson is an Internet marketer who loves to help people build successful businesses online. Even if you have absolutely no computer skills and have never made a sale in your life you can learn to build an extremely successful business. Visit Online Profit Club to learn how you can have a never-ending stream of leads.

What is your favorite yankee candle scent? What does it make you think of?

Mine is sun and sand or clean cotton.

I used to enjoy the Pumpkin Pie scent in the fall, but now it only makes me think of washing the black soot soot from my walls and ceiling.

I switched to using natural vegetable wax candles which I think smell even better, are less expensive and burn cleaner. No black soot!

How To Make Scented Candles

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