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9 years ago

Canvas Boards
Canvas Boards

Question about canvas board before i start painting?

I got some “Master’s Touch” artist canvas panels from hobby lobby to make some christmas presents on, but i have only worked with paint once before in a class. i am wondering if i need to geso these boards before i use them. the only reason i ask is because on the package, it says “acrylic primed for use with all mediums”

does that mean that i do NOT have to geso it before painting?

i really would like these to turn out nice!

“Master’s Touch” artist canvas

if canvases are pre-gessoed, and appear to be covered, you may not need to add new layer,
if the surface of canvas texture seems rough or coarse, and you want smoother surface,
you can apply another layer before painting,

Matting Canvas Boards

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