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11 years ago

Cartridge Beyond
Cartridge Beyond

New Cartridge insertion?

I have replaced the black cartridge in my HP 4110 office jet printer. I am certain that the cartridge in properly inserted however I get the message “remove and check the black ink cartridge”. Have removed and reinserted several times, but get the same message. I cannot get the printer to work beyond this step. HAve rebooted, unplugged and repluged printer and tried all I know to do. Have had this printer for some time and have not ever encountered this proiblem when replacing cartridges in the past.Should I remove the program entirely from my computer and reprogram? Will this help and over come the problem?

1)Take ot the cartridges when the printer is ON.
2)Unplug the Power chord from the printer.
3)On the Back of the printer u will see a Rear access door.Open It,Look for any paper Stuck,Move the plastic rollers manually for 10 secs.
4)Close the door firmly
5)Inset the cartridges(Make sure tape is completely removed)
Try printing
Or Call Hp 1800 474 6836.

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