Cartridge Christmas

11 years ago

Cartridge Christmas
Cartridge Christmas

What can you tell me about the Cricut Personal Cutting machine…for scrapbooking, etc.?

I am looking at getting one for my wife for christmas, but i have very little info on it.

How long do they last under normal wear and tear? Is she going to have to spend a fortune on upkeep (blades, mats, paper, etc.)? How many cartridges will be needed to be able to offer some functional variety to card making, and scrapbooking?

Any and all answers will be most appreciated.


I have drooled over that thing, and have almost bought it several times. Here is my issue with it: I don’t mind the initial price for it and the couple “free” cartridges you get with it, but all the other cartridges cost like $50 each.. thats alot of money! The blades are reasonable…but the cartridges are not. And you can’t use a coupon on them at any craft store that I’ve seen.

At the least, she definitely needs at least one alphabet and maybe a cartridge with some swirly stuff, and maybe a holiday one. Definitely the alphabet is a must have.

I ended up buying the Cuttlebug Die Cutter and Embosser. It is more limiting, but you can get alot of shapes, alphabets, etc. For $500 you could get the Cuttlebug and a miriad of embossing plates and diecutting plates.

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