Cartridge Cursive

11 years ago

Cartridge Cursive
Cartridge Cursive

Which Cricut cartridge is this?

I’m trying to find the cartridge to make the infamous “live laugh love” to put on the wall. I know that it’s a pretty cursive, but I’ve looked through thumbnails of every cartridge I can find online and can’t figure out which cartridge it is.

Try ebay – they have a lot of cricut cartridges with images – you may be able to find what you need there.

If you don’t already have an ebay account, you should get one – I find the best deals on just about everything there.. Just make sure you buy from a seller with a 99% or better rating and over 100 sales. I have never had any problem as long as I have followed those guidelines.
Good luck!

Birthday Cards by Request

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