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11 years ago

Cartridge Life
Cartridge Life

Frequent cartridge replacement on Moen faucet?

Since the installation of my bathtub faucet, I have needed to replace the cartridge every year. I thought those things were guaranteed for life? It’s not a difficult thing, but it is a pain in the butt and they cost $20. Does anybody else have this difficulty?
The cartridge is what some faucets have in place of washers.
No hard water.

Um, it’s dripping, why else would I replace the cartridge?

sounds like you have debris in your pipes. are your pipes galvanized. if they are not I wouls tuen off the water at the house main. then goto the meter and see if the meter is running. that will tell you if your main is broken. also Moen sucks. We stopped selling moen because of theyre warrant and it not lasting

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