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11 years ago

Cartridge Lyrical
Cartridge Lyrical

Yesterday, a month after our wedding, we purchased the cricut cartridge lyrical letters, with its seven fonts that were designed by Cecelia Harris. My friends think she is very popular and they have praised her ability to create beautiful, unique fonts. This cartridge was well worth the money. The elegant script that is in this cartridge will add a more personal touch to each page.

As the rays of the sun flicker through the window it is with much love I dream about my beautiful wedding and the lovely scrapbook we well make with our cricut cartridge lyrical letters. My dress was so beautiful, I felt like a princess. My husband looked like a prince.

With the cricut cartridge lyrical letters we will cut frames, add delicate lacey borders, and there is the cutest wedding cake we can cut at 3 1/4″ to add to the cake cutting ceremony page. We could cut it larger or smaller but we think this will be just right. For a title we will put my new last name on the page with the Pastor who married us. It is going to be beautiful.

The photos of all my family and friends are going on four facing pages. With the cricut cartridge lyrical letters we will use layering (vellum, a pale rose, and a textured pearl white) to cut the phrase Celebrate Love in 2″, 2 1/2″, and 3″ letters.

For my thank you cards we are also using the cricut cartridge lyrical letters with the words THANK YOU cut from the same pale rose to raise the letters from the textured pearl to give this an elegant look. We so very much appreciate all who expressed their love for us by attending or writing to congratulate us.

We don’t expect to finish the entire book today so we will take our Cricut and our cricut cartridge lyrical letters with us when we have time to work together. It is our goal to have many family and friends help create this lovely album to celebrate the dream of love we share with one another. Then we can show them our honeymoon pictures.

I asked the designer of my wedding dress for the scraps from my dress so I could use them in my scrapbook. My Mother took the tiny delicate lace, the white satin, the pale rose undergarment and tiny beading to make a beautiful cover for my book. The strands of tiny pearls she made into a bow and it added an elegant look with a tiny rose at its center. Mom cut my new last name “ROSE” in elegant 4″script with the cricut cartridge lyrical letters. We will cherish our book and our love forever.

With the cricut scrapbooking is made easier and far more fun. We just need to let our imagination go and we all can create our dreams.

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