Cat Eye

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Cat Eye
Cat Eye

Want dramatic eyes? I have easy step by step eye makeup application techniques you’re sure to learn from. If you’re a beginner at applying makeup or simply don’t feel confident about achieving a dramatic eye, I assure you, you will learn something here. All it takes is a little ambition (which is the reason why you’re reading this), motivation (which is why I am cheering you on), the right step by step eye makeup application tips & techniques (all included below) and a little time set aside to practice what you’ve learned.

Firstly, know that dramatic eyes can be achieved in MANY different ways. It doesn’t always necessarily mean wearing the darkest, deepest eye makeup colors. It also doesn’t mean applying the most intense shades until your makeup brush wears out. In my opinion, creating dramatic eyes should still sport a classy look. Before you begin any eye makeup application, always remember to prepare your eye area such that you have a good base to work with. Wash your face, apply moisturizer, use an eye primer if desired, foundation, concealer, then powder. Now, you’re ready!

#1 – Firstly, one of the most simple ways of achieving a dramatic eye makeup look is by simply picking colors that will make your eye color POP! By selecting the right eyeshadow colors, it will help enhance your eye color. Note: This eye makeup technique is a great way for beginners to learn how to achieve a dramatic eye look without too much fuss.


A- Select a lighter eyeshadow color that contrasts with your particular eye color. Apply this shade to upper eyelid area and extend into the crease up to the brow bone area. Sweep this same shade under the lower lashes from outer to inner corners of eyes. Alternatively, apply a similar shade, only slightly darker, to lower lash line.

B- Apply pencil eyeliner in dark brown or black to upper lash line as close to lashes as possible. Line from inner to outer corners.

C- For extra definition, line inner rim of lower lid with same color of eyeliner.

D- Curl lashes and apply 2 coats of black mascara.

#2 – Now, we move on to a dramatic eye look that requires just a little more skill; however, anyone can master this cat eye technique with a little practice. The cat eye technique consists of extending your eyeliner beyond your natural lash line. For a clean look, apply eyeliner as is. For a more sexy, sultry look, smudge eyeliner and use a dark eyeshadow to blend in. Nevertheless, we’ll save that for later. First practice your eyeliner application technique and work on your cat eye. Then, move on to more advanced techniques.


A- Prepare skin as in example #1

B- Apply base coat eyeshadow in a very light and/or neutral shade. If you feel like being a little daring, use a more intense or colorful shade. Sweep this same color on lower lash line.

C- Apply liquid/gel eyeliner (or pencil liner if you’re a beginner) to upper eyelid using an angled liner makeup brush. Extend to obtain a cat eye. Smudge if this is the desired effect. Use a complimenting pencil liner or dark eyeshadow on outer third of lower lash line for added intensity.

D- Apply 2 coats of black mascara. For extra flare, add a few individual false lashes to upper outer corner of eye.

Need help choosing an eyeshadow color to compliment your eye color? See this guide –

See the EYE MAKEUP SECTION for many other fantastic step by step eye makeup application techniques with MANY diagrams and illustrations to learn from.

Cari is creator of Easy Makeup Guide website. Sign up for the monthly newsletter and get 2 free ebooks. See you there!

has anyone ever seen someone with a cat eye and a regular eye?

I just met a 3 y/o girl who is my next door neighbor and her right eye is a cats eye the pupil is a slit like a cat. has anyone ever seen this? her grandmother was blinded in that eye and died before she was born.

A pure cat pupil would be the result of trauma or some other disease.

A “Keyhole” pupil, (Iris coloboma), is only “notched” inferiorly, not all the way across, though if the lid covers the upper portion, an observer might so assume.

It’s rare but not that rare.
The rest of the eye may or may not be affected. It’s a developmental “failure of closure” as a cleft palate or hare lip would be.

As the previous responder has said, the missing Madeleine McCann has one as a very important distinguishing mark.
Hers is slightly unusual even for its type, because they more commonly angle in rather than out.
See below:

How To: Perfect Cat Eyes Eyeliner Tutorial

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