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Cats Eye
Cats Eye

If you have a cat or are planning on getting a kitten, you should be ready to provide it with a good environment that will allow it to be secure and healthy. Like any other pets, cats too are vulnerable to various diseases. These include arthritis, heart problems, eye diseases and asthma. You will need to take care of your pet the same way as you take care of a child. Let us take a look at some common cat health problems so that you can take the necessary steps to treat them.

Cats generally have excellent vision that enables them to see in the dark. However they can suffer from several eye problems such as glaucoma, cataract, and cherry eye. Cats may also injure their corneas if they get involved in cat fights. Cats suffering from glaucoma squint too much, and you will also see that their eyes are becoming more tearful. These cats would be too sensitive to light. Cataracts cause a white lens that has a bit of yellowish tint. Cherry eye causes the gland of a cat’s eye to become more protruding. This is a genetic disease most common in Burmese and Persian cats.

Cats can also develop various hearing problems. Tumors and inner infections might cause it to lose hearing. If your cat loses its balance and coordination often and has less appetite, there is a good chance that it is suffering from an inner or middle ear infection. Go to a vet immediately if you spot these cat health problems. Many white cats are deaf by birth. This is something that you might want to consider before adopting.

A cat suffering from diabetes can have excess thirst and can also pass more urine than usual. However this symptom may also mean that your pet is suffering from renal failure. It might be a good idea to check if it is having problems while urinating. If so, then its kidneys may have got damaged.

Cats can also suffer from arthritis and hip dysplasia. If your cat is having trouble walking or if there is any stiffness in its walk, then it is possible that it has arthritis. Talk to a vet and take an x-ray to treat the problem.

It’s important that all current and potential pet owners know about some common cat health problems and symptoms as these would help them care for their kitties better. Have fun with your kitty!

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What to do about cats eye infection?

Helloo everyone 🙂

my cat charlie looks to have an eye infection he has a lump at the side of his face and a off coloured discharge coming from it and it looksto have sticky stuff inside it (i know its sounds horibble) i have been wiping it with warm water and a peice of cotten wool .. is that the write thing .. hes in the vets to morrow soo ….. any ideas what this could be ?

It sounds like an abscess. Keep bathing it with coiled, previously boiled water, with a little bit of salt in it. The vet will probably prescribe antibiotics

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