Chalk Pastels

11 years ago

Chalk Pastels
Chalk Pastels

How does one get rid of oil pastel using chalk pastel?

I made a mistake using chalk pastel and there are seemingly permanent marks STUCK to the grains/grooves of the paper. How do I get them off? It looks hideous with the smooth, chalky texture everywhere else.

The only thing I can think of is to scrape it off using a metal blade/ edge of a ruler. As Kris said, a solvent is likely to ruin the piece (especially if it’s on paper).

If it is a really big part you could try cutting or tearing a piece of paper to go over it (preferably ending at outlines/ quick tone changes) and simply using chalk pastel over that (make sure the paper is stuck down smoothly.

Another option is to incorporate it into the image: oil pastel can create a bright gemmed effect: depending on which part of the image it covers, you could make it into: a stain on a table, a glass object/ brightly coloured vase. Otherwise, try blending the oil into the chalk to make it less noticeable.

Good luck, oil pastel has a high tendency to stick.

Three Different Techniques Using Chalk Pastels

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