Charcoal Set

10 years ago

Charcoal Set
Charcoal Set

Les Mis stage set – Sealing Charcoal Artwork?

I am in the proccess for designing a stage set….
(school production)
I was going to paint it…but i have discovered that i have more flexability (with shading etc..) using charcoal…

the actual play is not for another few weeks yet, but i would like to seal the work so that it artwork does not come off and onto the kids/or my clothes!!

The work is Charcoal on MDF

the work (in progress) can if you wish be veiwed here…IT IS NOT FINISHED!!
Thanks so far..great idea!!

Thank you David..although none of it is finished!

Nice pieces! I’ve always used a harsh hairspray like Aquanet to seal chalks and charcoals.

Charcoal Grill: Direct Heat

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