Charm Squares

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Charm Squares
Charm Squares

What items do I need to use for soldering, both for an iron and a torch?

I am a complete novice at jewelery making and need to solder small links to metal in order to make charms. I also want to create my own with foil. I have seen plastic squares covered in some type of clear coat (epoxy?) and foil. I would like to know what to use as a clear coat and type of metal to solder with, flux needed, etc. I guess all of the items needed to solder. Thanks!

you have several questions buried in there…

First, solder; you need to buy a small, variable tip temp solder pencil. I would suggest you get one from You need variable heat, some items will be delicate and you do not want too much heat.

You can solder copper, silver, gold. You cannot solder steel, iron, pewter, alumimum. Well, you can, but it is very difficult and requires special training and special equipment.

Flux depends on the metal to be soldered. You will want to use a rosin core solder, acid core solder can destroy fine wires. I would suggest a liquid flux too. Silver needs silver bearing solder. Electronics solders are tin/lead, silver bearing are tin/lead and a percentage of silver. I use 4% with soldering electronics that needs silver bearing solders (VHF and UHF use). I buy my solder on eBay – cheapest place anywhere.

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