Charms Findings

10 years ago

Charms Findings
Charms Findings

the oldest trick in the book?

A few years back, in a small Texas town, the local madam also operated the local telephone service.

When the police finally arrested her, they found her book of “talent.” Each police officer was then assigned to investigate some “girls” from her book.

After a week, the Chief summoned each cop to report his findings.

“Detective Smith, what did you learn about the hookers on your list?”

“Chief, I’m sorry, but I need to disqualify myself,” said Smith. “One of the women I interviewed is eighty-four years old and so charming that I have fallen in love with her.”

“Dammit, boy!” shouted the Chief. “I’m surprised at you. You’ve been a cop for 25 years and here you go, falling for the oldest trick in the book!”


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