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11 years ago

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Chic Decal

parisian themed dorm room?

I’ve applied everywhere I can for college and can’t handle not being in control at this point….. So to cushion the blow of waiting I have been planning my dorm room. After a long consideration I’ve decided I want to base my room in a parisian chic 1890’s meets 1970’s manner. Complete with black and white striped bedding, a silver tea set, and an eiffel tower decal. Now its just a matter of finding my stuff for cheap- college is expensive enough already, I can’t afford to spend thousands on room decor haha- does anyone have any ideas for creating the parisian theme and finding in expensive sources to buy the stuff. Thanks!

Are you having your own room? If not your roommate might not like this theme.

Etsy has lots of paris decorations:

check out wake up frankie

robin moses nail art: animal print & stars tutorial 22

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