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Clay Cold
Clay Cold

If you enjoy cooking outside and spend time entertaining then you will want to ensure that you have something that will not only cook well but also look great as well. Chimineas are a fantastic outdoor heat source as well as a great place to cook your food. They are very versatile and can keep you warm as well as cook your food perfectly. Clay chimeneas are more popular due to their style of and they look great in any backyard.

Chimineas are freestanding fireplaces which can be moved around easily; although similar to a fire pit they are totally enclosed. You open the door at the front and load your wood into the opening. The tall chimney will then ensure that smoke is taken away from the area and allows a breeze to flow at all times. The clay chimeneas are bulbous in shape which is great to cook large quantities of food in on shelves. The original clay design was first made in Mexico to provide heat for families as well as somewhere to cook meals.

Clay chimineas today are often treated to ensure that they don’t get damaged if left out in the rain and can withstand a great deal of weather conditions. The design of the chimenea will ensure that any fire inside of it can remain alight even when it is very windy. On cold nights they are ideal to light and keep your guests warm long after everyone has finished eating. They also look great in any garden so even when they are unlit they look fantastic as a garden ornament.

You can buy them in several different sizes and how big your garden is will determine the size you purchase. This type of barbeque has become very popular for several reasons as you can move it when necessary and they are great at cooking a wide variety of foods. They are ideal for smoking fish and meats and will give your food a distinctive taste. You can slow cook many foods on the chiminea and the clay will keep the temperature at one level all of the time.

You will be able to find clay chimineas in several different stores, garden centers and online if you want a particular design or size then online might be your option. You will need to consider the space you have before purchasing your chiminea as although you want it to look great you also don’t want it to take over your garden. Once your chiminea is in place you should ensure that it is away from the children’s play area and even have it fenced off.

Your garden will look great divided into separate areas and having a specific cooking area is always ideal. If you are redesigning or landscaping your garden from scratch then you will have to include a clay chimenea in the design. You will be amazed how often you use it and how your friends and family want to keep coming back to see it in use.

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Simon Davies writes for where you can find a great selection of clay chiminea.

Making Clay Hand Prints!?

Hello. I work in a kindergarten classroom and each year we make hand prints using plaster and pie plates. This is extremely time consuming, and sanding plaster makes my blood run cold. I was wondering if anyone knew a clay recipe that I could use instead? It doesn’t necessarily have to be homemade, but needs to be large enough for a standard pie plate and 18 children. We do have an oven at the school, so I could bake the clay to make it harder. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate your input! Thank you so much!

Here are a bunch of different clay recipes that you can make and bake in an oven. This website has other resources that you may find helpful. Good luck with your project.

Cold as Clay

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