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9 years ago

Cloisonne Enamel
Cloisonne Enamel

Is it ok to add price list at our websit for custom lapel pins?

hi everyone
Is it ok to add price list at our websit?

Someone has told me the customer will not quote us without price list at your website.
So I updated my site, add price list for custom lapel pins, cloisonne pins, soft enamel pins, die struck lapel pins.
Does somebody tell me how to do will makes all right for price list, especial in USA?

It is appropriate to tell visitors to your web site how much you charge for your custom products. Prices are important information for customers, and many dislike having to call or write to ask for prices when they can easily be displayed on the site. It also helps to make clear any shipping and handling charges.

You may want to examine web sites such as and see how they handle pricing and ordering.

Jewelry: Georgian Cloisonne Enamel

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