Cobalt Blue

11 years ago

Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Blue

It is true that dreary monsoons bring on the gloom and makes one feel blue. There is no better way to drive away the blues than a party or get together with friends; the merrier the better. To look stunning at a party during monsoons, ironically, blue is the way to go. While red or black is regarded as the most glamorous shade to be worn at a party, during monsoons bold and vibrant shades of blue such as cobalt blue, deep blue, inky blue, sapphire blue etc take center stage.

A woman draped in a bold and bright Partywear Designer Sarees is sure to resemble a fashion diva provided she knows the right way to wear such a vibrant shade of blue. If it is a semi-casual or semi-formal get together with friends or party during the daytime, Partywear Designer Sarees in softer shades of blue such as cornflower blue look charming. For an out an out glamorous evening of fun and style, it is better to bring out those Party Wear Designer Sarees in deep, shocking shades of blue. Brunettes with a clear complexion, especially, can carry off this bold shade successfully. For women with wheatish to dusky complexion, deep blue hues with a blackish tinge look best. Party Wear Sarees featuring embellishments in silver, grey, copper etc look elegant and glamorous while Party Wear Designer Saree in bold blue with golden embellishments is something to stay far away from. If one is wary of carrying off such bold blues, it would be advisable to opt for more toned down look such as choosing a Party Wear Saree in a combination of blue with neutral grey, deep coffee brown, dark olive green etc. Blue Party Wear Sarees are ideally accessorized with silver, silver finish, white finish or copper finish jewellery. Clutch and foot wear in deep grey or black looks sophisticated yet glamorous.

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What is the best way to clean a Cobalt Blue Tarantula’s tank without getting bit?

I have a Cobalt Blue Tarantula. She is aggresive, and posionous. I have had her almost a year. I have cleaned it once, but she was very aggresive afterwards. I am planning to put her in a new tank, and was wondering what would be the best way to clean/ make her “comfy” in her new home. Also, any items I may find for her tank to be more comfortable in her home would be nice. Serious answers PLEASE.

I also have a fairly aggressive cobalt blue. I usually clean her tank once every six months or so. I use a clear tupperware container and put it over top of her then slide the bottom underneath her. I also use barbecue tongs to spot clean and change her water.
I have a desert background taped to the back of a 10 gallon tank. I use coconut fiber bedding, some air plants attached to small pieces of driftwood, and a gradual build-up of bedding with pieces of petrified wood as a retaining wall to a depth of about 5 inches. Her water dish is an inch deep and looks like a slice of a log.


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