Come True

11 years ago

Come True
Come True

Magic or any spells to make my wish come true?

I have a wish and i am so desperate for it to come true. This wish is something big for which have no control over it. This is something which could happen only if some miracle happens. Can someone help me?

To make your wishes come true, you must manifest your intentions from the spiritual realms into the physical realm. If you want a miracle, be prepared to put in a lot of energy and work. Here is a simple spell to manifest your wishes. You cast it once, but you must make an energy input every day if you ever want to see results.

You will need…
– 21 red votive candles
– 2 chalices
– large bowl
– herbs: bay leaves, sage, dandelion seeds (All dried and powdered.)
– powdered stones: amethyst and smoky quartz
– a large quartz cluster

Time: Perform at midnight during Full Moon.

Form a large circle with the lit candles. Sit in the center, and have in front of you the metal bowl with the quartz cluster in it. Have one chalice on each side of you, one chalice filled with the powdered stones, the other filled with the powdered herbs. Speak this spell.

“Harken all ye elements.
I summon thee now. Control the outside, control within.
Land and sea, fire and wind.
Out of my passions a web be spun.
From this eve forth my will be done.
So mote it be.”

Pour the contents of the chalices into the bowl. Stir well deosil (clockwise) with your fingers, and blow out the candles one by one, deosil.

Every day, you must take out the buried crystal and speak your wish and then return it to the bowl.

“I will that…..” or “I wish that…”

Keep this up, and eventually, you will see results.

All come True

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