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11 years ago

Completed Counted
Completed Counted

My completed novel is 58,000 words. Is this too short to be published?

I feel that adding anymore words would do nothing for the story. It’s a mainstream/humor novel. Ive never had anything in print and I know it’s practically impossible for a first time author to get a novel published. Will the word count hold me back even more?
This word count is from my word processor. From what I’ve read, this is number that one should include in their query letter to agents–not estimated word counts…?

Is 58,000 the word count your word processor gave you or your estimated word count?

The estimated count is what publishers rely on, and it will usually be higher than the number your word processor gives you.

There are a couple ways to do it, but this is the easiest: Use a 12pt Courier font, double spaced, with 1″ margins all around. With that, you can estimate 250 words per page. Multiply the total number of pages by 250, estimating for partial pages.

I doubt your word count will hold you back. You’ll just need to find a publisher who will accept within that range. I think 60,000+ is the standard for mainstream fiction.

*Edit: The word count you should include with your queries is the estimated word count. Publishers aren’t interested in how many words there actually are, they’re interested in how much space those words are going to take up–the estimated count gives them that information.

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