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11 years ago

Composition Doll
Composition Doll

Shirley Temple doll price?

We have a 1930’s composition shirley temple doll. She is 25″ tall and we are looking to sell her on ebay. She has some cracks but nothing major. Could anyone tell me what she may be worth? I have no idea so anything would help!

Since you are planning on putting her on ebay, I would suggest checking ebay’s completed listings to get an idea of what they are currently selling for, taking into consideration condition and originality as they are major factors that will determine the ending price.

Collectors will pay more for dolls that are all original than they will for dolls that are redressed, rewigged or repaired and will pay a premium price for harder to find outfits. Sight unseen it would be difficult for anyone to give you an accurate value, also the doll market today isn’t what it was a couple years ago, prices seem to be all over the map.

If you need help determining if your doll is dressed in original clothes, you can check and take a look a great Shirley collection (not mine, I wish!) Practically every outfit is pictured and named.

Good luck with her, since I’m a Shirley collector, I might even be one of your bidders! I’ve been wanting another 25″

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