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music leveling how to when recording cd’s?

Hi to all who may be able to shed some light.I have a nephew who is getting in to djing.He is 17 and it is just a hobby.The
question I am asking is how do you maintain a consistent
music volume level.He has some trouble with this but does
not have anyone immediate to teach him.I have witness
some of the turn it up and down of tracks.Seems like a lot
of work.Is there a device I can buy him that will adjust
it automatically for him and where to buy.I know that
tv and radio stations utilize compressors or somthing
to get their effect.His B’day is weeks away wish I could
help..He has made cd’s and does that too but when I play
them in car I always have to adjust the knob but some
he make are ok,some.what does he need?
thanks all

He needs to have some nice ear protectors. We were at a birthday party where
there was a DJ and that’s what he wore. The music was way too loud in a very
small room. If not his hearing will be gone.

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