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Will the predicted magnetic reversal of Earth’s North and South Poles be the end of us?

I read that the Earth’s magnetic field is slowly building toward a reversal, with centuries of no magnetic field during the reversal. I also read about hazards astronauts on the moon face from dangerously high levels of space radiation. Massive solar storms or galactic cosmic rays from far off could have fatal consequences for any living being on the moon. By contrast, astronauts living on the International Space Station and flying on shuttle missions are protected from the worst by Earth’s magnetic field.

Previous ideas for moon-based radiation countermeasures include using electrostatic shielding to protect lunar inhabitants or underground bases. Astronauts could also tote around portable shielding inside the habitats in cases of emergency involving “short duration, high radiation” events.

How will life (humans, animals, fish, plants, etc.) survive such a time of no magnetic field on Earth?

Goodness, you must have a pretty good life if this is what you find to worry about.

Be that as it may, it’s not that such an event is “predicted” but that such an event is possible, SOMETIME in the next few million years.

But as near as I can read, there is not likely to be a period of “no” magnetic field. I also couldn’t find any description of the precise physical ramifications of a polarity reversal. It’s not like the Earth would lose gravity, causing us all to float away.

As to your other concerns not related to polarity reversal: loks like fodder for another sci-fi book. Why don’t you try writing one. It’ll help get your mind off your worry about polarity reversal.

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