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10 years ago

Cookie Cutter
Cookie Cutter

Does anyone have a cute poem to attach to a cookie cutter bridal shower favor?

I received a cookie cutter favor with a cute poem attached at a bridal shower, now I can’t find the poem. Does anyone know where I can find it?

I haven’t seen a poem with them but I have seen a few different sayings come with the cookie cutter favors:

Cookie-ing Up A Life Time of Sweetness.

The sweetness of our wedding day is yet to come!

Truly Cut Out For Eachother.

And then on the back of the card I’ve seen this: A special recipe for a lifetime of happiness (and then a cookie recipe). And the names of the bride and groom can also be added to the front of the card. Good Luck!!!

Pretty Ricky- Cookie Cutter (Music Video)

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