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12 years ago

Core Drill
Core Drill

Experienced builders only, please:: Core drilling?

I need to drill some large holes through 18″ stone walls (technically described as “rubble walls”). I already have an SDS Max drill (Makita HR4011C) and another SDS+Makita. I have three questions.:

1) What sort of TCT core drill do I need to get (the length of the cutting bit)?

2) Do I operate it in hammer or non-hammer mode?

3) Are there any special techniques to use when cutting the hole?

Many thanks for your answers.

The drill bit you need will depend on the size of the hole you need. So other than to tell you a standard masonry bit designed for your hammer drill of the length you need. Or get a bit extension. I don’t have a Miketa but have used them do they take special bits (half cut off in the back- used that type before).

You definitely use it in hammer drill mode.

I have always found it best to just lean on the drill or push in your case (horizontal pressure). Make sure you “clean out” the hole often so you are not just grinding up the rock into even finner powder. You may wish to use an air hose to blow the hole out for you.

Rock can be much more difficult to drill through than cement. It all depends on the rock. If you can drill through a joint in the rocks that might be better.

Core Drilling Video New Zealand

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