Cotton Blend

11 years ago

Cotton Blend
Cotton Blend

What is the quality of “cotton blend” fabric?

I’m commissioning clothing and the maker is said to use a “cotton blend” for the quality of fabric. Is this a good or bad thing? Does cotton blend make comfortable clothing or does it feel like wearing a curtain?

Depends on the blend, depends on the quality of the weave or knit, depends on the hand and drape of the fabric, depends on how you want the fabrics to perform and which performance characteristics are important to you.

If you’re “commissioning clothing”, you should be specifying every item used in that clothing.

I’d send you to to do some reading — and it sounds like you desperately need Fasanella’s book, if this is a business venture.

You’d probably also do well to start reading a few beginning textiles textbooks like:

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