Cotton Quilt

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Cotton Quilt
Cotton Quilt

Nautica is a leading producer of bedding and bed linens that are known the world over. They are dealers of elegant, comfortable and affordable bedding that many people prefer to purchase for their bedrooms. Here are some of their products that you can order online at affordable prices.

The highly sold and well-known pillow from Nautica is the Sloane Square White Decorator Stuffette Pillow. This is an elegant pillow of pinstriped pattern showing the mixed colors of dull gray, bold black and dainty white set on a white background. The pillow has a black piping finish which contributes to its tailored look. It has a slit back which makes for easier access to the feather and down insert of the pillow, easier to remove also when the pillow needs puffing.

Whether your bedroom sports a traditional or contemporary ambiance, the Nautica Tribecca Comforter will easily blend to it. It is a designer comforter that will add elegance and sophistication with its bold stripes of brown and green and emphasized with herringbone stripe in striking ivory. This blend of colors will look stunning in the master bedroom.

When you want a comforter set for your bedroom, whether for your master’s bedroom, guest room and even your own room in a dormitory, the Nautica Grover Beach Comforter, together with its Sham Set is worth a try. This comforter, with its color and design-coordinated pillow sham, combines black and gray colors together with white accents producing a warm and sophisticated look, yet comfortable and relaxing. The modern design of geometric shapes is often the common choice of people for their different bedrooms.

The Georgetown bedding collection brings urban high end style to your bedroom with touch of classic design that will make it sophisticated-looking. The striking dash of vivid orange mixes well with the neutral tone color of blocks accented with stripes on the ivory and metallic-colored finish. You can decorate your bedroom in style with the comforter sets in full and queen sizes which include a comforter, two pillow shams, and a matching bed skirt.

The Nautica West End Quilt in colors of ice blue, ivory and brown add to the sophistication of the bedroom. It is exquisitely stitched in detail of clean stripes and geometric patterns. This 100% Cotton quilt of 100% cotton fill is the most comfortable quilt that will surely provide a good night’s sleep.

When you want a youthful look for your kid’s bedroom or your own, the Nautica Clear Lake Comforter will make your bedroom alive and young. With the beautiful and unique combination of khaki, pink and white, this beautifully designed comforter is the great choice for the young-looking and the young people but looks well in any bedroom in the house. When you want a new, modern and stylish-looking pattern for your bedding, the Clear Lake Comforter will look great in your bed.

The Nautica Tribecca Quilt is contemporary in style but the stripes are stylish in the colors of green, brown and ivory, where the ivory stripe shows a unique herringbone weave. It is reversible to a chocolate brown color and these quilts are filled with ultimate in softness of 100% Cotton.

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I have been wanting a homemade county quilt forever. Does anyone know where I can find one…for low cost?

I’ve been wanting an old-fashioned quilt for so long and I cannot sew. I do not know anyone who can sew, and at the same time, I do not want to pay a factory to mass-produce a quilt that will fall apart in a year. Does anyone know know where I can find a quality, heavy, cotton country quilt?

Check Etsy. Check Antique stores, or estate sales. If you’re looking for something new, you might be out of luck unless you want to pay premium. Handmade (hand-sewn) quilts are very expensive because of the time that it takes to actually make one. If you are just looking for a hand-pieced patchwork quilt without the quilting (top-sewing) you might have more luck. However, if you’re looking for something heirloom quality, you’re going to have to pay quite a bit, but in my opinion it’s worth it.

Most quilts are sewn on the back by machine–that is the pieces are sewn together by machine, although this is not always the case. The quilting is the top stitching that keeps the interior batting from sliding and getting matted up. The best hand quilters use tiny stitches (I’ve counted up to six per inch on some of my nicest quilts) very evenly spaced and outlining each patch. I have a quilt that is appliqued flowers on a white background and there is elaborate white on white quilting that is outlining nothing, but done in lovely floral motifs throughout the blanket. It’s lovely and I doubt that there are too many people who have the time to execute something like it today for less than $600-$1,000. All of the stitching is by hand.
I’ve seen some Amish made quilts in King and Queen sizes for about $400. They are very geometric and abstract but also very well made. You just have to find an Amish community. My suggestion is to go right to the farms that have signs outside advertising. If you go to an “Amish” store in the city, or in a town, you’re dealing with quite a markup because you’re paying for the middle-man’s commission.
Good luck. I had great luck in inheriting my quilts. I couldn’t afford them otherwise. 🙂

Cottage Collection 100% Cotton Victorian Quilt

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