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Cozy Cosy
Cozy Cosy

When I think back to my childhood I have fond memories of sitting at the small kitchen dinette in my grandmother’s kitchen, eating a piece of cake, drinking chocolate milk and playing board games with my brother. That dinette might have been small but it was the hub of her kitchen! Dinettes can be very compact and cozy making them perfect for a small kitchen.

Having a dinette gives you a great excuse to add a bit of extra accent color to the room. The upholstery could be done in a nice fabric, or some loose cushions with colorful covers will add a lovely touch to a small kitchen.

Choose a style for your dinette that compliments the decor of the rest of the kitchen, whether made of wood, varnished or painted, or one with upholstered seat and backs, the colors and styling can be customized to suit any decor.

Corner dinettes are especially space efficient and are a great place to relax. Give some thought to the height of the back, it’s is nice to be able to put your arms up over the seat back, feet on the bench and snoozing in the morning sun with a fresh cup of coffee. Scatter cushions can add to the comfort of bench seats, making them very  comfortable.

The bench seats of the dinette set allow you to have extra build in storage space, kids toys, or bulky items you don’t need every day, are nicely out of the way stored in the dinette base.

It is a challenge sometimes to find extra chairs or stools to go with a dinette. If you can’t find any to match exactly, there might be some that are of no particular style and can be made to blend in with some paint, or loose cushions for the seats, matching the dinette’s upholstery or cushions.  Make them yourself or have them done for you, chairs like this can add a nice eclectic touch to the set.

Window seats can do double duty as dinettes. If you are designing a dinette to be custom-built for you and you have a window that suits the purpose, keep the back of the bench to the height of the window sill so you don’t obstruct any of the view. A wider window sill could be incorporated into the dinette, giving a great area to display some of your favourite ornaments or a collection of colorful bottles or other glassware.

Lovely Sunday breakfasts, having a coffee with a friend, even preparing the vegetables, you’ll find a dinette set a valuable asset to your small kitchen.

There are many more tricks you can used to enhance the space you have available. Go to to find lots of design tips and clever ideas for you to use. As well as decorating ideas, special appliances reviews and much more.

This or That: Different spellings plus BQ’s #2?

Which spelling do you use? This is just for fun.

UK spellings are on the left. US spellings are on the right

Annexe or Annex
Axe or Ax
Cheque or Check
Chequer or Checker
Chilli or Chili
Cosy or Cozy
Doughnut or Donut
Draught or Draft
Encyclopaedia or Encyclopedia
Foetus or Fetus
Gauntlet or Gantlet
Glycerine or Glycerin
Grey or Gray
Kerb or Curb
Liquorice or Licorice
Mediaevil or Medieval
Mould or Mold
Moult or Molt
Neurone or Neuron
Omelette or Omelet
Orientated/Disorientated or Oriented/Disoriented
Phoney or Phony
Programme or Program
Plough or Plow
Rack or Wrack
Sceptic or Skeptic
Storey or Story (As in level of buildings)
Sulphur or Sulfur
Tyre or Tire
Vice or Vise

BQ: Are you British or American? If not where are you from?

Every one on the right is what I use.
(Except “Gray”, I use “Grey”)

BQ: I am from France.

Crochet Soda Can/Coffee Cup Cozy Tutorial

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