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Craft Book
Craft Book

when writing a craft making book?

I have it in mind to write a craft making book but I have a few questions. In order for any craft book to make sense there must be pictures so do I take pictures and send them on with my copy and if I do that will I have to do it over again if someone carries me publishing wise?

Oh my goodness, I copyedited a craft book for a coworker of mine a few months ago. This is how everything was transmitted:

(1) Manuscript with printouts of the steps you would like to illustrate. Images should be attached to the pages and should be low-res.

(2) What would be helpful for the designer would be if you labeled each image–something like photo 1, photo 2, photo 3– just so it’s easier for the designer to set art.

(3) MS should be double spaced (please?)! It allows room for the copyedits.

The main problem I had with this particular craft book was that the author didn’t really check to see if the craft products he was listing was cited correctly (or as trademarked), which is extremely time consuming to look up and confirm (honestly, I spent HOURS trying to confirm all this Krylon spray paint, which turned out didn’t exist). I suggest you keep a personal running list of the products and refer to them as you are writing, so that at least you’re using the same wording throughout. Turning this list in with the manuscript would be extremely helpful!

Pers. makes a lot of sense about sending the hi-res images with the manuscript, however, I think you may want to hold off on sending the hi-res art. A copyeditor may have recast your directions enough to warrant a revised photograph, and if you hired someone to take hi-res photos, you’d have to pay to have them taken again. After the copyedited manuscript has been put through to design, you can start having hi-res images prepared. You can either do them yourself (remember to speak to someone about illustrator rights on the images you provide; I’m not 100% sure about this, but you can have this included in your contract), or have a photo shoot set up.

The files you send in should be 320 dpi. At least, that’s what my designer tells me.

Good luck!

How to make crafts from the American Girl Doll Craft Book Part 3!

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