Craft Pattern

11 years ago

Craft Pattern
Craft Pattern

Are Martha Stewart’s craft patterns copyrighted?

I want to sell some things I made using one of her patterns. Are they copyrighted? The pattern in question is

Sorry to disagree, but craft patterns are usually copyrighted (and I’m sure Martha copyrights hers!).

If you look at the small print and also copyright law, you’ll see that when you buy a pattern you in fact *can’t* then just use it any way you want. You’re usually “allowed” to make items for your own personal use, and perhaps make some as gifts, but you usually can’t SELL more than a certain number of them unless you change something really fundamental about the item’s look/techniques/etc or they’re fairly common knowledge.

Some companies do go after people selling things with their copyrighted or trademarked images too quite aggressively (like Disney)… others don’t care as much, or will never find out if the selling isn’t done obviously.

People have been making stuffed animals, including from felt, for a long time though so that basic technique can’t be copyrighted… what is copyrighted in this situation would be the exact shape of the animals.

You might want to check out these links too, for more info: (there click on “Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks”… the info largely relates to art or craft items)


Diane B.

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