Craft Wedding

11 years ago

Craft Wedding
Craft Wedding

Joyous occasions such as weddings can get very expensive. A good way to lower the cost of your occasion is to create your own personal craft. This will also help you put a personal touch to your wedding. Here are some ideas for a good wedding craft.

Things that are not hard to create could be items such as a veil. To make a wedding veil you will need to cut an appropriate length of bridal illusion. Also required is a comb to attach the veil to your hair and a hat or headpiece to cover the comb. Sew the large stitches couple of inches from the end of the illusion and collect it tightly. Next, sew the veil to the comb. You can also decorate the wide brimmed straw hat with your choice of accessories.

Bouquets and floral displays can also be crafted to add a personal touch. For simple outdoor weddings, you can use wild flowers. They are free and have a beautiful life of their own. You can put them in a bouquet and they will provide a luxurious feel.

Also for halloween you can use shower curtains to decorate your home. You can grab any shower curtain or a plain white bed sheet, then create holes or add glitters to give it a spooky effect. It is very simple and a cost effective way to decorate your house for the festivities.

The ideas above are some cost effective ways to cut down or trim any budgets. This year has been trying for many so the tips above should help you accomplish a great occasion without dampening your expenses.

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Need craft ideas on table arrangements for wedding centerpieces. Something other than a candle with flowers.?

This is for September and I can put a candle in a holder with water or flowers but I would like something crafty and different.

I have seen & heard about many different kinds of arrangements. You could go with edible arrangements like cookies or fruit. They are set up to make it look like flowers. You can do picture arrangements depicting your relationship. Some have done a mirror as a base, river stones & lighted tealights, its elegant & romantic. I have also seen “lollipop” trees as centerpieces. They are a small tree with a top of leaves & flowers in a round shape. Its nice & tall so ne views are blocked. There is also the fishbowl w/ goldfish or Japanese fighting fish w/ a few long stem roses in it. Rose petals with a matcing color ofconfetti sprinkleled on the tables is nice too.

Origami : Origami Wedding Craft Ideas

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