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Crafts Art

What are the differences between art nouveau, arts and crafts and bauhaus?

Please help!
Need it for c/w, which needs to be handed in by tomorrow!

art nouveau is based upon a whiplash curve, usually with a lot of flowers and a distinct and elaborate border. French metro signs are good examples of art nouvaeu
Arts and crafts was a movement that created bespoke pieces of art and furniture using old craft techniques. William Morris is most closely associated with Arts and Crafts

Bauhaus was a German design school who championed the used of simple goemteric shapes and colors in their designs. Art Deco could be considered a sucsessor or a continuation of Bauhaus. And is kind of an opposite of Art Nouveau where Art Nouveau used a whiplash curve and highly detailed linear art work, Art Deco reduces the form to simplitic shapes and colours.

Chikita Violenta – Roni

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