Crimp Beads

11 years ago

Crimp Beads
Crimp Beads

How do you make a necklace without crimp beads?

I’m bored and I want to make some jewelry, but i’m out of crimp beads.
I can’t really buy some kuz I don’t have any money. Any suggestions
besides tying a knot?

I rarely use crimp beads. I’m going to assume that you also do not have any clamshell/bead tip findings which negates the need for crimping since you finish with string on the clamp, knot a seed bead down into the “clam” and close it up to hide the bead leaving you with a little metal loop (

If you have a bead with a big hole in it, you can simply add your finding, loop back down, and tie a knot down into the hole of the bead. Then apply a little bit of glue. Let the knot dry full inside the bead. This effectively covers the knot.

You can do the same thing, with an exposed knot. Just try to make it a pretty knot.

There are two ways to finish with a small beaded loop if you want to hide the stringing material.

Make a loop of beads at both the ends. So string on say 10 seed beads (or other small beads) then take your needle back through the first bead. If there is space in the beads, take it around another time or two. Knot, then clip. Now you can add the jump rings and clasp to the loops.

If you are not using jump rings string on your small beads and add your clasp finding at the halfway point. Then finish your loop. You can combine this method with the “hide it in a big bead” method.

Hope some of this helps.

How to Secure Crimp Beads Using Crimping Pliers and Chain-nose Pliers – Jewelry-making Techniques

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