Crochet Pattern

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Crochet Pattern
Crochet Pattern

Crochet making is an age old hobby. It dates back from the 1500s and as time passes by, these vintage patterns have evolved. You can do a lot in crocheting. From jackets, shawls, bonnets, purses and other patterns as well.

Some hobbyists prefer looking for vintage crochet collections because it is a prized possession for them. There are a lot of resources that you can find in thrift shops, antique shops and boutiques.

In the 19th century, people rely only on their own sources, which they in turn make into their own clothing and other decors for their home. By that time, only the rich and famous people can purchase some good crochet products.

Today, vintage collection crochet enthusiasts can enjoy and afford the different kinds of crochet collection and patterns.

Here are some techniques in VINTAGE CROCHET COLLECTIONS:

First thing to do is to prepare the materials for crochet. The most important material to use in crocheting is the crochet hook. There are different kinds and sizes of hooks. You also need the yarn or thread, tape measure and card board patterns or cut outs.

Start crocheting by putting a slip knot loop on the hook. Pull another loop through the 1st loop then do again the process to come up with a chain of proper length. Then the chain is turned and done in rows or it can be attached to the start of the row with a slip stitch and done again in rounds.

The stitch is done by pulling one or more loops through every loop of the string. The end of the stitch results in only one loop that is left on the hook.

Another vintage crochet technique is the vintage crochet doily. This technique involves complex lace work that uses subtle threads. It uses crochet thread, preferably cotton or nylon that is readily available in spools at any craft stores. For a more vintage look, you can use white or cream colored thread.

Vintage doilies have different sizes, designs, shapes and even the materials that you use may have various types also.

Vintage crochets for babies can also be done. Patterns range from the design yarn or thread. These vintage crochets came from the patterns of mothers who keep them and probably the children inherited them and then passed to the new generation in the family.

Finding a vintage crochet for you to make or just for a hobby is not an easy task. You may want to search for these vintage collections in the houses of the members of your family. Scour or search the basement of your granny or your aunty for these rare crochet collections.

Do not forget to search for online sites that are available about vintage crochets. There is a very wide selection for you to choose from the best and rarest collection. Sites like eBay,, can be a help in your search.

Thrift shops are abundant with this kind of collection. Because some people are not aware of these items, they just sell it to thrift shops. So take it to your advantage in looking for this collections and techniques in vintage crochet.

Do you want to find out more vintage crochet pattern for your next coming crocheting? Here you can get thousands of vintage crochet pattern collection. []

Looking for a crochet pattern for a coat or jacket?

I found a free crochet pattern online for a fitted jacket a few weeks ago and I have been driving myself crazy trying to find it today. All I remember about it is that it was maroon, fitted at the waist, had a buckle and gather on the lower back, and looked pretty complicated. If someone can please help me track this thing down, I would REALLY appreciate it.

Here are some really cute ones, but none with a buckle that I could find…
and while you’re at it:

Excited About YO-YO Crochet Patterns

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