Crocheted Doilies

11 years ago

Crocheted Doilies
Crocheted Doilies

If you are one of those people who can turn a piece of crochet thread into a beautiful lace doily, scrap material into colorful rag dolls or tin cans into antique chair pincushions, then you might want to consider turning those abilities into a home business.

Currently anything handmade has a great value. As people are attempting to simplify, recycle and become more environmentally aware, they are seeing more value in items handmade. When you are making a quilt, crocheting a doily or creating a Christmas ornament, you are not causing any harm to the environment. You are not polluting the water, or creating smog. People not only love your products, they can feel good about them.

It is very easy to sell your products, you can use on online auction or you can make a website of your own and have your own online store. A local store in your hometown may give you access to hundreds of people, but the Internet can give you access to thousands of people.

There are online auction sites where you can test your product. For a minimal amount, you can list your craft at a starting price that you choose. If you have two customers interested in your product they will drive the price up. Shipping and handling is listed as a separate fee so whatever amount you end up selling your craft for is sheer profit for you. It is quick, it is easy and you choose how much you can make.

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Do you think the symbol art for crochet stitches had made an improvement in doing patterns [ doilies ] faster?

I am so glad it came about, to have a symbol represent a stitch so that the
pattern can be put into art, neat idea.

Yes, it is so much easier than trying to keep track of every row. Have you tried the doilies in the “Nihon Vogue” pattern books? They are all done that way. I first saw them at my public library and liked them so much. I ordered my own copies from Chapters book store. I’ve even evolved to the point now where I do part of one pattern and part of another in the same doily.

The Art of Crochet by Teresa – Lace Crochet Doilies – February 2010

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