Crocheted Doily

11 years ago

Crocheted Doily
Crocheted Doily

There’s nothing that adds a more unique appeal to any decorating theme then using vintage items and one great bedroom decorating idea is to decorate your bedroom using vintage linens. These pieces from days gone bye have a charm that you really don’t find in soft goods today and are easy to find and fairly affordable.

One wonderful vintage item to use in your bedroom are vintage sheets. A lot of times you can get those luxurious high thread count sheets which are older for much cheaper than you would pay for new ones in the store. In fact, I have several customers in my antique shop that routinely ask for vintage sheets so I always have an eye out for them. These are probably the most difficult of items to find but you can come across them if you shop at auctions where the entire household of goods are being sold off. Many times you will find an old cedar chests or linen press that is full of these great old sheets as well as other wonderful linens.

But sheets aren’t the only vintage linens that you can use to decorate your bedroom with. You can also get some really neat vintage bedspreads. Many families saved older bedspreads particularly ones from the late 1800 that were probably handmade by relatives. These gorgeous pieces are usually hand tatted and can add lacy elegance to any room. Plus you can get them amazingly cheap considering that your getting something that was lovingly hand made. Another vintage bed spread that will add unique charm to your bedroom are vintage crocheted bedspreads that come in many patterns. These are typically made around the 30s 40s and 50s and the older ones are usually an off-white or ecrew color but during the 50s and 60s was all the rage to make colorful granny square blankets that can be used as great retro bedspreads for a unique bedroom decorating idea.

Perhaps one of my favorite types of bedspreads, however, are the chenille bedspreads that were so popular during the 1960’s and 1970’s. These come in many different colors and styles you can get ones that are single colored or ones of many colors and interesting patterns. There are the white ones with little red roses on them and the colorful spreads which feature a peacock in many colors. When I was little, I had a chenille spread with a beautiful pink and blue ballerina on it and I’ve never seen another one like it.

But decorating with vintage linens doesn’t have to be confined to the bed, you can also use vintage doilies or bureau scarves to dress up your night tables and bureaus. These fabulous old linens come in a variety of themes and you can buy simple tatted ones with the design or get a beautiful embroidered piece that has flowers, or birds or pretty much anything you can think of on it. These go perfect in a romantic or Victorian-style bedroom and help to protect the surface of your bureau and nightstands to.

You can find vintage linens pretty easily in almost every town. Try shopping at antique shops as well as flea markets to get linens that are perfect for your bedroom. Check your paper for local auctions to make a fun day of attending an estate auction where you’ll not only find vintage linens and other treasures to decorate your bedroom with.

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How do I clean my antique linens?

I have a pile of antique doilies/dresser scarves, some are linen, some have a finer weave, most are embroidered, some are trimmed in crocheted lace. All of them are yellowed (which doesn’t bother me so much, they’re freaking old), some have stains, all of them are permanently creased because they’ve been folded so long, but they APPEAR structurally sound. What is the safest way to clean these poor things without damaging the main fabric or loosening the stitching in the embroidery/crochet?

Take one that you don’t care about very much, and then try and see how well they are really. They could just feel good because of the starch and retaining position for so long.

Dry cleaning is a great idea. I would reccomend it, but if that’s too expensive for you, get a mild cleaner like Woolite, and then just let them soak in a utility sink, an unused bathroom sink, or even a bucket or pot. Then carefully lay them out to dry. Laying them out to dry in the sun, and putting a little bit of lemon juice on the yellow spots would take care of the yellowing. But if you live in an apartment, or somewhere that has restrictions not allowing you to do such, then just put it on top of the dryer and let it air dry all day one day.

Crocheting A Doily (Time Lapse Photography)

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