Crown Charms

11 years ago

Crown Charms
Crown Charms

What are some of the charms that Massie Block (from The Clique series) has on her charm bracelet?

I posted this question a few weeks ago, but I only got one answer that said, “A crown, an Eiffel tower, and some others”, which really didn’t help, so if you’re going to answer, tell me all of the charms or tell me nothing at all. kthx.

I’m not some dorky no-life Massie wannabe that wants to copy her charm bracelet, I was just wondering what her charms are, because the books always talk about her charm bracelet and how she loves it so much.

a crown, the eiffel tower, a bell with diamonds, a pug, a lion, a dollar sign, a high heeled shoe, and i think that’s it.
she also has a silver microphone from Claire, but she hates it so i don’t think she wears that one, like the other answers said.

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