Crucifix Charms

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Crucifix Charms
Crucifix Charms

Do you believe in luck? Some people do and some people believe luck is just a part of fate. For those who believe that luck and in particular good luck, is an attainable ability, lucky charms are long sought after items in the hope of bringing good fortune. History shows that lucky charms have been used in cultures around the world to both bring good fortune and to ward off evil and those traditions live strong today as well.

In many cultures carrying a part of an animal and the rabbit’s foot is a perfect example of such. A tradition passed down from African cultures into the modern day world, the luck of the rabbit’s foot is based on the rabbit’s speed and ability to avert danger. Obviously, the holder of such a foot is looking to harness the good fortune of this ability. The good luck bag or medicine bag is another totem lucky charm passed down from older cultures, both African and Native American. Particular items placed in a medicine bag, usually ranging from spices to bone pieces, are said to bring luck to its carrier.

However, knowing what to put into your bag to affect your best luck is a vital part to the power of the medicine bag. There are energies surrounding every object and these energies may be in balance with your own or they may affect your energy in a negative way. For this reason, if you are unable to communicate with the objects in your good luck charm bag yourself, you should consult with a sensitive who can help guide you to the right objects to affect your good fortune either on their own abilities or through the power of the Tarot.

Consider now the luck behind the shamrock and how truly special it is to find your own luck charm in a four leaf clover. This is actually a good luck charm handed down from Irish cultures and is largely associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Just looking at the Nordic runes can make you feel differently about the world around you, but the tradition of carrying carved stones to protect holders during battle still carries on today as well.

Several gothic and Wiccan cultures have instigated the use of lucky charms and personal talismans that are still carried by many today as well. Consider the Romanian Vampires and the people of Salem’s fear of witches. As unwarranted as we believe those fears to be, they were still real fears that sparked an entire culture sporting lucky charms and amulets for protection. From garlic to the Christian crucifix, religions and cults alike have used good luck charms to protect and harness their good fortune.

While a good luck charm like the infamous horseshoe on the door works on your home, it isn’t luck that you can take with you. When you are on the go, you can construct a luck bag or medicine bag with a variety of items that work well with your energies or you could work with a sensitive to find a single good luck charm that you can wear or carry with you when you want to keep good fortune on your side.

It is also important to note that lucky charms don’t always fit in your pocket. From a pair of jeans to the tiniest of pebbles, good luck charms come in all shapes and sizes, but they only fit the right person’s energy. If you believe in luck, then change your luck with the right lucky charms.

When you want to find the right lucky charm or personal amulet, visit Kristin’s Lucky Tarot to find a personalized lucky charm and put your proceeds to good use saving animals.

Guy looking for a nice Crucifix.. Your opinion?

Hey everyone so im an 18 year old strong Catholic guy looking for an attractive crucifix I can wear around my neck… I’m just wondering which of these you find to be the most attractive for a guy, Its got to look masculine 😛 or if you have any other suggestions. Thanks.
Not a rosary, a nice crucifix to wear around my neck, Just like what I was showing in the pictures.

Do you mean a Rosary?

Necromantia – Malice

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