Cryla Acrylic

9 years ago

Cryla Acrylic
Cryla Acrylic

Can anything beat Cryla Acrylic?

Ok, so i got bored one day and wanted to do a little research onto which acrylic i should go with, I am an avid Winsor and Newton fan and until Yesterday i would say that their products could never change me…

To my HORROR! I tested Goldens Artists Acrylic, Daler-Rowney’s Cryla, Winsor and Newtons Artists Acrylic and Liquitex Acrylic for Artists.

I have never really used Daler’s products but couldn’t believe the ridiculous difference in quality compared to all others.

I’ve just purchased a set online but just wondering what other Artists acrylics out there are good and what do you all use?

I’ve used quite afew and usually don’t see a great deal of difference between brands of acrylic. Differences i’ve noticed are like liquitex makes a harder film than the old hyplar (discontinued) brand and venetian and tri art.I absolutely hated system 3 from daler .I thought golden’s fluid line has a good level of pigment and looks nice and finity has a thicker consistency than others straight form the tube .

Can you please tell me exactly what makes you feel that Cryla is so much better in quality?


Mall Galleries portrait painting demonstration for Daler Rowney

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