Crystal Glass

12 years ago

Crystal Glass
Crystal Glass

Does anyone know about real crystal glass?

I have recently gotten some wine glasses and were told they could be real crystal. they have no seams and the sing, i have heard only crystal glass will do this?

They are not “real crystal” if by that you mean made of rock crystal which has natural weaknesses and can only be made into thick glass like containers.
True crystal glass has been always considered to be clear glass with a high lead oxide content – 24% being common and higher being done. Lead crystal also sparkles nicely when cut with patterns. The singing tone is a matter of the added weight of the glass.
BUT, thin non-crystal glasses (no lead) will also sing. and it is very easy to make a glass without seams simply by blowing it into a spinning mold which can be on a machine turning out a dozen or more a minute. One clue to this form of making is a very slight blob in the otherwise smooth rim of the glass. The glass is cut free of the blow pipe scrap by spinning it in front of a tiny hot flame while the glass is just barely cool enough to hold form and the blob is where the last bit of attachment of glass and scrap released.

Crystal Glass Commercial 2010

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