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How much does a custom made english saddle cost?

I am looking in on getting a custom made english saddle. I jump alot and show alot. Also, do you know of anyone in the New York area who makes custom saddles. And how much would a custom saddle cost, Thank you!

There is a new company based in California that makes wonderful, good quality custom saddles:

The owner has been making saddles for 15 years. Also, his son started another custom saddle company, also based in California: You can get a really nicely made custom saddle from them for under $3000, whereas other companies such as CWD will start at $3800 and go up from there.

County saddles are also custom made and the company is based out of Maryland, if I’m not mistaken, they have representatives on the East Coast that you can schedule an appointment with. While their saddles are also beautifully crafted, they are well over $4000.00. However, if you are not stuck with a budget, then go for it!

The money saving alternative would be to find a custom made saddle for sale and have a good saddle fitter re-flock it to fit your horse. Used custom saddles are usually reasonably priced and a re-flocking should cost somewhere between $300-$400.

Quality used saddles:

Good luck!

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