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Cut Cutter
Cut Cutter

Mat board is the material that is used to make decorative photo mats. Continuously, this board can surround the artwork and pictures inside frames. It is a background material that is long lasting for presentation charts, handmade bulletin boards, and school projects.

Indeed, you are able to cut a thick mat board sheet with the scissors that are quite sharp. However, for creating straight, clean cuts, what you need is a rotary-style paper cutter. To cut this type of board depending on the shape and size you want, you should use the appropriate technique.

Several things you have to provide to cut this type of board are craft knife, paper cutter, pencil and of course the mat board itself. The first step you should do is by drawing a line on the mat board edge with a pencil. This step is aimed as a cutting guideline. You should ensure that your line you have drawn is quite dark and long, so you can see it clearly, especially when you have placed the board on the cutter.

Then, you can place a guillotine-style paper cutter on a solid surface. As the result, you can keep it from tipping. Next, slide the mat board under the cutting arm of a guillotine-style paper cutter and align the mark of pencil.

Then, you should cut this type of board with a guillotine cutter by utilizing your right hand to raise the cutting arm. Meanwhile, your left hand will position the mat board along the bar of guide at the trimmer top.

Meanwhile, an industrial paper cutter is another paper cutter available for you out there. This machine is constructed of high quality materials and engineered to precise specifications. The cutting blade on this machine will cut precisely for several hundred, to thousands of cuts. This machine is also safe and easy to use and service. Just go to if you want to recognize more about it.

A paper cutting question: how do you cut small amounts with a paper cutter without it just bending the paper?

I have lots of paper cutting needs at work…. but always cut unevenly and need to trim the edges. But then the paper cutter won’t cut a small amount! It just bends the paper! I need a signmaker or some other professional to give me some tips, please!!!

It’s funny you should ask, Heather! I too work for a company which is too cheap to buy me a “real” rotary style paper cutter.

Here is an example of a rotary cutter:

This baby or something similar will solve your slicing needs. Hopefully, unlike my own situation, your company is willing to spring the small cost of a good slicer.

Barring that, I have perfected a special technique for cutting those narrow slivers of paper off the edge, which I will now share with you.

First, you should check the blade and make sure it’s snug against the “board”. A loose blade puts you at a severe disadvantage.

If necessary, get out the tools and tighten up that blade.

Next, be sure to hold the paper firmly in place, on top of the board. If the paper slides around, this misguides the blade and contributes to the uneven tearing and paper-bending you’ve been experiencing.

Here’s the special magic trick: instead of swinging the blade down as you normally would, VIBRATE it while moving it downwards. In other words, while swinging downward, hold the handle with a “vibrating” motion. Simultaneously, press the blade towards the board, so that it slides down more snugly against it.

Don’t “shake” the handle. Just “vibrate” it. The difference between the two being that when you vibrate, the oscillations (length of the “side to side” motions) are small and extremely rapid. Obviously this is not easy to pull off, and requires some coordination. With practice it’s not as hard as it sounds.

You primarily only need to vibrate the blade during the initial phases of the slice. Once you’ve penetrated cleanly, chances are you can continue through the slicing motion without vibrating, and still make a clean cut. In some cases however, where the strip is extremely narrow, you may need to vibrate the entire length of the cut.

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