Cutter Cutting

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Cutter Cutting
Cutter Cutting

For many businesses and industries, the metal cutting is important and what is considered hard in those days are considered easy as nowadays and in that aspect the welding process have been made so easier. We often see in everyday life that metal is the hardest substance and especially the construction companies need best metal systems to work on their different working requirements. Today there are many welders available and among different types the plasma cutter is called as the best welding machine ever seen next to tig welder and arc welder. Most of the users don’t know the working procedure of this machine and in this article; you can see the working procedure of this welder in brief. When the plasma cutters introduced into the market, it was in the size of small refrigerator, but now it came as small as possible with portability and comfort.

The plasma cutter can be plugged into any typical wall home outlet and it utilizes the electrical transformer with the internal circuitry and transforms the power of 120 v ac with the current drawn of 15 amperes. The typical voltage range is 20 to 50 v and it has the high output of 100 amperes and also, it creates the identifiable blue while cutting stream of electrical plasma. With its unique circuitry, it concentrates this electron flow into a stream of cutting power and the electrons can be seen when the trigger is pulled on the cutting torch handle. The intense plasma heats and melts the metal as a smaller diameter puddle. Another force is needed to push the puddle once it has been made and the compressed air is conducted through torch handle and released when trigger is pulled. Now you can get the stream of plasma and it creates the small diameter for fine line of cutting metal.

Due to the intense stream of plasma, the torch handle can be moved along the surface of material in speeds of 100 inches or more per minute. This property makes this welder to achieve the maximum speed and makes this welding machine as the high speed cutting apparatus. The arc of the plasma cut a 6 to 7 degree angle on the vertical face and metal pieces of ¼ inch or greater may be dressed with some electric grinder to have a true perpendicular angle in relation to the horizontal surface. To cut using any metal by using plasma arc system requires an arc that is created between work piece and nozzle and also, 50 to 60 volts is needed to maintain the arc. The electrodes are negatively charged and the work piece is positively charged and this setting ionizes the gas to carry the electron stream between nozzle and metal.

The arc itself has the capacity to melt the metal and due to high pressure, it welds the metal soon with ease and accuracy. These are the entire working procedure of plasma cutter and try to buy this excellent welding machine from a good welder shop and have a hassle free purchase that is filled with joy and satisfaction.

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is anybody out there a cutter and why did you start cutting?

and how does it make you feel

It makes me feel empowered. I started cutting at an early age, but I didn’t enjoy it at first. It made me feel frustrated and inept. But, when I was older and the teacher took away the safety scissors in exchange for pointy scissors I was so happy. I was then able to cut more easily and was able to complete many project quickly and I was proud of my results.

Torchmate 2×2 CNC Plasma Cutter cutting sample over water table / bed

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