Cutter Machine

11 years ago

Cutter Machine
Cutter Machine

Did you ever think to yourself that perhaps you should use a Cricut cutter for your classroom? Some have even answered yes and taken no action. Many teachers think about it, then drop it. Being unsure of the place to put it, or the time it might take to learn how to use it. The aspect of requiring a little work discourages some. While others feel like it is might be a waste of time.

Hmmm. Are those really valid reasons to not give a Cricut Cutter a try? Were the positive effects even considered? Was the “pro” side considered or simply the “con” side? Maybe we should have a more balanced approach. Let’s examine 5 positive reasons in favor of wanting to use a Cricut cutter for your classroom or homeschool and find out those that ring true.

First, it would make bulletin board creation so much easier.. O.K., I’m able to go along with your objection that it may take too long to learn how to run the die cut machine. Yes, it really is a valid observation, but take a look at it this way, you will save ink, toner, and time!. And moreover, you ought to consider you can reuse the letters each year if you care for them properly because they will be made out of cardstock or vinyl.

Second, the Cricut machine can help you create wonderful flash cards — using words, letters, or numbers.. The primary reason for that would be they are graphically appealing. And you can make them as big as you want — so even the back row of your students can see them.

Third, the Cricut cutter machine can be used to cut out art projects such as holiday cards, memory book pages, etc. Plus numerous other art projects that a teacher’s creative mind would easily come up with!

Fourth, easily put together file folder games to add to your classroom activity center.

And Fifth, a “Welcome to your classroom” sign.

Just think about it. Maybe, just maybe, you truly, in all seriousness, should consider a Cricut cutter for your classroom.

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A lime wedging machine with cross side cutter for garnishing drinks?

Hi does anyone know where I can buy a lime wedging machine that cuts a lemon into wedges with a crosscut for hanging the wedges on glasses as served with beverages, such as ice-tea, or cocktails?
All I found was a damn patent, thank you in advance!

Here is a link for lemon wedgers/cutters.

Here are some cheaper lemon wedgers for sale on amazon:

EMI Plasma Tube Cutting Machine

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