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Czech Beads
Czech Beads

Why am I not selling my hand-made jewelry? These are high quality products. Am I asking too much money?

We make custom and personalized hand-made everyday, birthstone, and bridal jewelry using Natural Gemstones, Swarovski Crystals, and Czech Glass beads!!!

These are high quality pieces of jewelry!! This jewelry is elegant yet affordable!!! So why is it that no one is purchasing my products? Am I charging too much? Am I charing too little that possible customers might think I am not offering genuine products? Please help!! Also, does anyone know a cheap and effective way to advertise my new online jewelry store!?!?!

Please visit us at: and let me know what I am doing wrong!!! : (

Hi! I’m a jewelry designer and bead store owner who also writes a blog on how to market your jewelry. I enjoy trying to help people like you find new markets for their handmade jewelry.

It’s hard to say with the limited amount of information I have why your jewelry isn’t selling. After looking at your website, I would suggest:

1. Working with your photos a bit. I think the background you’re using ia little light and doesn’t play up the jewelry very well. I would try a darker background and see what happens. Experiment a bit. Try photographing against a piece of black velvet. Try adding some props such as draping the jewelry on stones or rocks or against a background of sand. Give your jewelry some context as opposed to laying it on a flat backdrop. Good photographs are critical to selling jewelry online.

2. Add some exciting descriptions to your jewelry. Let your potential customers know why your jewelry is special. Emphasize that it’s handmade using the highest quality matierals. What makes your jewelry different? You want to point this out in your descriptions.

3. Include a little information about you, the designer. Let them know how you got started making jewelry and how much you enjoy making jewelry for special occasions like weddings and for special people like mothers. You might also want to add a photo of yourself. This gives you credibility and makes people more comfortable purchasing from you.

4. Consider adding a header panel to your home page with a dramatic photo of your jewelry. You need an attention grabbing photo to encourage visitors to view your jewelry line.

5. There’s alot more I could add. For more information you can visit my blog at or .

As far as marketing, you may want to consider some of these options:

1. Start a blog that discusses your jewelry. Link it to your website. This can help to drive traffic to your web page.

2. Consider placing a few items on Ebay or opening an Ebay store. Include a link to your web page in the “About Me” section of your Ebay profile.Give winning bidders your website address.

3. Write articles about jewelry and submit them to article directories. Include your website address in the resource box at the end of the article. The articles will be picked up and published along with your resource box which has your web address. This will drive traffic to your site. You could write on such topics as how to care for fine jewelry, jewelry fashion trends etc.

4. Become part of an online gallery that gets alot of traffic such as

5. Have an opt in form on your website to collect email addresses for a newsletter you publish about jewelry .Provide useful information such as how to care for jewelry, how to wear jewelry, how to clean jewelry etc. You can promote your jewelry in the newsletter.

6. There’s much more I could go in to, but this is a start. Hope it helps. 🙂


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