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Czech Seed

Self-seeding plants.?

I have a bank which at the moment is covered in weeds . It is about 8 feet high and 30 yards long . It is north facing but the slope catches a lot of sun . I live in the Czech Republic so it is very very cold in the winter but hot in the summer . It is not a dry bank as rain runs of a tarmac yard down on to it .
I am goiing to clear it roughly of weeds tomorrow and throw some thyme seeds on it from a neighburs garden . Can anyone sugest anything that will self seed and fill the bank with some colour . Also the name of an on-line seed catulogue which will send from the UK to Europe.
Thank you to averyone that helps.

I live in the Midwest US (next to Lake Michigan) and even though it’s 90* now, our winters will get quite cold here; so I’m sure that several of these plants should grow for you also:

Some of the best self-seeders are: Cosmos sulphureus (bright orange blooms), Malva moschata (musk mallow, comes in pink and white varieties), and Mirabilis jalapa (four-o’clocks, usually in mixed pastel colors).

The malva (a hollyhock relative) is a perennial, but also a strong self-seeder. The Cosmos and Four-o’clocks are both annuals that produce a lot of seed from each plant.

One of the best seed catalogs is from Thompson-Morgan, located in the UK. Their website has info on world-wide shipping … check it out at

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