Die Cuts

11 years ago

Die Cuts
Die Cuts

Make your craft projects extra special by applying glitter.

Glitter is fun and easy to use. It is also inexpensive considering how little it takes to cover an item.

Here are some suggestions to easily apply glitter:

For precise glitter placement, use a glue pen. Other options include using glue sticks, or cotton swaps and a puddle of glue. Just “paint” where you want the glitter to be.

For full coverage, use a can of spray adhesive or a Xyron machine. To use your Xyron machine, just roll the die cut or item you want to completely cover through the machine with the piece face down (just opposite of how you normally do it), then apply the glitter. For extra ease, now run it through the normal way and your gorgeous piece is ready to use with glue on the back!

Work over a sheet of paper so you can fold it to put the excess glitter back into the jar. When buying glitter, look for wide mouth jars, instead of tall skinny containers, to make saving the excess easy.

So be a kid again and don’t be afraid to play with glitter. It is great on homemade Christmas cards, die cuts, scrapbook pages, and attention grabbing signs, just to name a few.

Maribeth Duffy is the owner of Little Extras (http://www.LittleExtrasDiecuts.com) an on-line scrapbook store which sells both retail and wholesale since 1990.

If someone cuts their foot, and than die in an unrelated circumstance minutes later?

does that wound stay in the same condition or does it close up? or what happens?

The wound will stay opened and seep fluids (blood and water, etc).

Using Die Cuts with Masking and Stamping (Two Peas In A Bucket)

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